Macrocoeloma  sp. collected from a clump of  Halimeda  

Macrocoeloma sp. collected from a clump of Halimeda 

I am a crustacean biologist, taxonomist, and evolutionary biologist. I completed my dissertation at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette under the supervision of Dr. Darryl Felder in 2011. In 2012 I was awarded an Endeavour Awards Postdoctoral Fellowship to study at Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia. Currently, I am a support scientist in the department of Invertebrate Zoology. at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution where I work in the Laboratories of Analytical Biology on genomic DNA projects for several marine invertebrate phyla. 


My dissertation focused on the molecualr phylogenetics of Majoidea. This group has undergone several major revisions, but there is still no clear consensus on family-level classifications. I use phylogenies inferred from multiple gene analyses as a guide to understanding natural groupings. I use these genetically derived clades as a guide for morphological reassessments of families, genera, and species. This approach works well for identifying members of families, species complexes, and difficult to identify juveniles. Please see my CV for a full list of other publications and research interests.